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Designed for Students, Professional scientific fellows, Professional Growers, Green keepers and Foresters seeking to switch from chemical to biological control.

Who would benefit from these courses?

Anyone in the Agriculture, Horticulture including Turf & Amenity and Forestry sectors, whether already using biopesticides, or preparing to switch from chemicals and want to learn more the latest best practice solutions to ensure maximum efficiency of natural control systems

Training Objectives

  • Develop -

     a complete understanding of biopesticides, entomopathogenic nematodes and beneficial insects

  • Learn -

     to apply biopesticides, nematodes and beneficial insects through a practical integrated management system

  • What -

     are the different products and their recommended targets?

  • Perform -

     quality assessment of each product before application

  • Understand -

     product labelling to get maximum benefits

  • How -

     to gain the best results

With changes in legislation already on the way, we have developed a specialist training programme to help maximise the potential of this biologically benign way to protect your fruit and vegetables