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At Crop domain, we develop innovative biocontrol products based on highly virulent strains of naturally occurring micro-organism to customer requirements. The technology helps to nurture, protect and enhance crops organically


Biofertilizers (Crop nutrition) are artificially multiplied cultures of certain soil organisms that can improve soil fertility and crop productivity. Biofertilizers can be categorized into 3 major classes

  • Nitrogen-fixation
  • Phosphorus-solubilizing
  • K-Solubilizers


Biopesticides (Crop protection) are derived from natural materials including animals, plants,bacteria, and certain minerals that can be used to kill pests and weeds. Biopesticides fall into three major classes:

  • Biochemical pesticides
  • Microbial pesticides
  • Plant-Incorporated- Protectants (PIPs)


Biostimulants (Crop enhancement) include diverse formulations of compounds, substances and micro-organisms that are applied to plants or soils to improve crop vigour, yields, quality and tolerance of abiotic stresses. They might achieve this by:

  • Helping to improve nutrient-use efficiency
  • Helping plants tolerate abiotic stresses like heat, cold, drought, and too much water
  • Helping to improve quality attributes like nutritional content, appearance, and shelf-life
  • Yield Enhancing Agents (YEA)